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Fiesta.NET Master
Fiesta.NET is a new laser show controller working over Ethernet. The main advantages are perfectly smooth laser output, maximal scan rate up to 100 000 pps and integrated DMX control (out and in).
  Do you like simple but powerful solutions? While developing Fiesta.NET controller we've focused on simplicity already well-known from Fiesta software. It takes usually less than a minute to configure connected Fiesta.NET devices. You don't need to worry about changing IP address of your computer or other complicated stuff - just plug your Fiesta.NET and you can start work immediately. Also the
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Pangolin BEYOND Essential FB-3 SET
incl. Pangolin FB3-QS for ILDA
BEYOND is an all new professional level laser control software from Pangolin, which helps clients make high quality laser light shows in a Better, Faster, and Easier way. BEYOND combines the ease of use of QuickShow, together with the power of their professional level LD2000 product, and also incorporates a variety of new features, that help to address the growing trends emerging in laser
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Fiesta.NET PRO
Fiesta.NET PRO is laser show controller with three independent ILDA outputs, three independent DMX outputs in standard 19-inch 1U rack size.
What is Fiesta.NET PRO? Fiesta.NET PRO is laser show controller with three independent ILDA outputs, three independent DMX outputs in standard 19-inch 1U rack size. Using Fiesta.NET PRO you'll be able to control up to three independent laser system units as well as control more DMX devices than usually required. Designed for professionals Fiesta Net Pro is not just another laser show controller,
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SOFTWARE / Laserworld Showeditor

Laserworld Showeditor 2015 is Laserworld´s all-in-one laser show control software which comes with many easy-to-use features for beginners as well as for professionals.
It features intuitive creation of timeline based laser shows and ready-to-go live laser shows with simple operation and commands. The software includes 100 free laser shows and pre-configured MIDI profiles for immediate start.
ILDA (*.ild) files can be exported and imported, allowing an uncomplicated exchange between different software products.
Laserworld Showeditor 2015 also supports DMX input and output: It can be remote controlled through a DMX controller and it can control lighting fixtures of any kind.

Laserworld Showeditor comes as complete package, including the software, the ShowNET LAN-to-ILDA interface, a short 0.4m ILDA cable, a short CAT-5 LAN cable and a small neoprene case to hold the ShowNET and even has two velcro straps to attach the case containing the ShowNET to the truss.


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