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KVANT ATOM 30 - demonstration unit



KVANT ATOM 30 is our most powerful laser light show system based on Pure Diode laser technology. It's been designed for large indoor venues and outdoor events.


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Guaranteed optical output: 28,2 W
Power Red: 7 300mW/637nm
Power Green: 9 400mW/520nm
Power Blue: 11 500mW/445+460nm
System control: inbuilt Pangolin FB-MAX QS [upgrade to Beyond is available]
Scanning system: CT6215-MAB4 | 40 Kpps @ 8°
Beam Specifications (full angle): ca. 6*5,5 mm / 0,83mrad


We officially launched our first semiconductor diode laser system back in 2011 in Birmingham, UK. Today’s Atom series combines the latest semiconductor diode laser technology with battlefield proven construction and integrated FB4 controller.

Our Atoms already showed their potential in power demanding applications while we manage to keep their sales price at a reasonably low level. Atom lasers are the bridge between smaller Clubmax FB4 systems and our flagship Spectrum laser projectors.

KVANT Atom 30 is a powerful semiconductor laser system designed as a basic projector for professional outdoor laser displays. This robust system is built to last, suitable for touring and hire, and it is equipped with the 40 Kpps SM-506 scanning as standard. Besides other ways of control, it can be controlled directly from a lighting desk over the ArtNet.

Every KVANT laser system is delivered with a Quality Control Certificate. The certificate includes the power output measurement of each laser wavelength within the system.


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Power Red: 7 300mW/637nm
Power Green: 9 400mW/520nm
Power Blue: 11 500mW/445+460nm
Scanning system: CT6215-MAB4 | 40 Kpps @ 8°
Laser safety features: Keyed interlock, emission delay, magnetic interlock, scan-fail safety, V-RAD 506 mechanical shutter | reaction time <20ms, adjustable aperture masking plate.
Beam Specifications (full angle): ca. 6*5,5 mm / 0,83mrad
Modulation: analog , up to 100kHz
System features: All the basic control settings such us X & Y sizes, scan-fail safety settings etc. are adjusted digitally using inbuilt interface. This systems also features scanning system protection and daisy chain of emergency STOP signal for multiple system "one-hit"
Power requirements: 100-230V/50Hz (±5%)
Power Consumption: max. 1200VA
Operation temperature: 10-40 °C
Ingress protection rating: IP 54
Weight: 27 kg
Dimensions / L x W x H /: 267x471x336 mm
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