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Laserworld DS-1600 Blue / Shownet /



Diode-only laser system with full analog modulation, integrated ShowNET network interface and free laser show software and many features.

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Total Power typical:: 1500mW
Power Blue:: >1600mW/450nm
Beam Specifications (full angle):: ca. 3mm/1.0mrad
Laser Sources:: diode
Scanner:: 30kpps@8°
Scan Angle max.:: 45°
Minimum output power:: 1600mW

The Laserworld Diode Series units come with diode-only laser sources ("Pure Diode") and thus have great beam specifications with beautiful analog color modulation
The Laserworld DS-1600B units can be controlled over ILDA and have a bult-in memory with preset patterns, that can be easily triggered through DMX. They can also be operated in automatic and sound-to-light mode.

The Laserworld DS-1600B (ShowNET) comes with integrated ShowNET network interface and free laser show software. Details in the box below.

Beginners as well as professionals use the Laserworld Diode Series units, as they are easy to useversatile in their features and very compact and lightweight.

The Laserworld DS-1600B comes with blue diodes at 450 nm (1'600 mW). 

Beam specifications are at great 3 mm / 1.0 mrad full angle and scanning can go as fast as 30 kpps@8°, whereas the scanners can scan a maximum angle of 45°.

With integrated and switchable scan fail safety

The whole projector is built with Sealed Housing technology and thus maintenance intervals can be kept very low

+ Integrated ShowNET incl. free laser show software

The Laserworld DS-1600B features an integrated ShowNET network interface with free laser control software included
Start with your own professional laser show thanks to the intuitive Showeditor laser show software which comes with every new Laserworld DS-1600B (ShowNET) for free. The Showcontroller software is supported as well and can be purchased additionally.
The integrated ShowNET allows for direct input through ILDA and LAN. Besides DMX, it is possible to trigger single frames via ArtNet. You can play custom frames and shows from an integrated SD card (included in delivery) – even in sound-to-light and stand-alone mode!
There are two different DMX modes
(1) DJ Mode with the most used features for beginners. Only a few DMX channels are used for a quick and easy access to the most important adjustments directly at the laser system.
(2) Professional Mode with all DMX features especially for users with a DMX console. All adjustments can be triggered and allow for full control of the professional laser show.
The integrated ShowNET works as DAC (digital to analog converter) and enables ILDA streaming.


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Total Power typical:: 1500mW
Power Blue:: >1600mW/450nm
Beam Specifications (full angle):: ca. 3mm/1.0mrad
Laser Sources:: diode
Laser Class:: 4
Operation Modes:: ILDA, DMX, LAN, ArtNet, integrated SD card, stand-alone, sound-to-light
Scanner:: 30kpps@8°
Scan Angle max.:: 45°
Accessories:: power cable, manual, keys, interlock, allen key
Power Supply:: 85V - 250V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:: 60 W
Dimensions:: 210x170x145 mm
Weight:: 3,9 Kg
Minimum output power:: 1600mW
Basic patterns:: over 120 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
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