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KVANT ATOM 30 is our most powerful laser light show system based on Pure Diode laser technology. It's been designed for large indoor venues and outdoor events.

used max. 100hrs

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Moncha lite is the smallest and most affordable laser controller on the laser market. Just build it into laser and Click to Play!

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Projection screen size: 250*200cm

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BeamBar 10B-450 INTENSE

BeamBar with 10 royal blue single laser diodes with an incredible total maximum output power of 7'000mW! Controllable through DMX or runs in stand-alone or sound-to-light mode

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Total Power typical:: 7 000mW
Minimum output power:: 6 000mW
Power Blue: 10 x >600mW / 450nm
Beam Specifications (full angle):: <2x4mm/2mrad
Laser Sources:: diode
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This special laser effect creates fans of laser beams and can be controlled through DMX or runs in stand-alone or music mode.

The BeamBar 10B-450 INTENSE is a bar with 10 single beam laser outlets, each equipped with a royal blue laser diode >600mW/450nm. Thus, this effect laser is extremly powerful with a maximum output power of 7'000mW!

Each laser beam can be individually aligned through a 4-point alignment system, that can easily be accessed from the front - so no opening of the housing is necessary.

The BeamBar 10B-450 INTENSE can be controlled through 13 DMX channels, so each diode can be controlled individually. Thus it's possible to create many different chaser, beam or fan effects.

Due to the standard DMX compatibility, the BeamBar 10B-450 INTENSE can easily be integrated into an existing lighting setup.

The BeamBar 10B-450 INTENSE is a great effect for stages, live gigs and nightclubs, as well as for TV Shows and show productions.




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Total Power typical:: 7 000mW
Minimum output power:: 6 000mW
Power Blue: 10 x >600mW / 450nm
Beam Specifications (full angle):: <2x4mm/2mrad
Laser Sources:: diode
Laser Class:: 4
Operation Modes:: DMX, Stand-alone, Sound-to-Light
Accessories:: Interlock connector, manual, key
Power Supply:: 100V - 250V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:: 100 W
Dimensions:: 1000 x 160 x 85 mm (l x w x h)
Weight:: 9 Kg

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