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950mW/520nm laser module KVANT mini

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Dostupnosť: do 10 dni
Guaranteed optical output: 950mW
Beam size: 3,5x3,5
Beam divergence (half angle, hor. x vert., mrad): 0.5x0.2
Modulation frequency: 100kHz
Centre wavelength: 520nm +/- 5nm
Input Voltage (V): 24
naša cena bez DPH : 1 344,00 EUR
naša cena s DPH (20 %):
1 612,80 EUR

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This premium quality diode laser module is designed, developed and manufactured by Kvant in Slovakia. It emits PASTEL GREEN laser beam and because of its high quality properties it will satisfy even the most demanding users. The laser module is supplied as laser head and enclosed driver board. OEM version of the driver board is available upon request. This revolutionary new diode module was our big breakthrough that helped to change the history of Laser Display Industry. It will very soon start replacing an old lower quality DPSS green laser modules so often seen in laser systems from other manufacturers. When this new green is mixed with our DEEP BLUE colour it creates ARGON CYAN - something not very common in low power systems of late era.


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