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RTI Lasers / RTI NANO series

The RTI NANO Series comprises high end show laser light systems Made in Germany by the Germany manufacturer Ray Technologies, a Laserworld company.

The RTI NANO show laser systems provide extreme high power of up to 125’000mW full RGB, depending on the model! All devices are equipped with diodes and / or OPSL modules for brilliant colors and great color fading behavior. The laser beams and beam shape are highly precise and accurate, which makes the RTI NANO show lasers suitable for high professional applications - indoors and outdoors.

Each projector comes with fast scanners for smooth projections and with a detachable remote control pad for adjusting color balance, scanning and much more. The RTI NANOs can be controlled through ILDA and optionally through DMX, SD-card, W-DMX, LAN and Auto mode. The housings are waterproof according to IP65 and very durable.