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Pangolin Lasershow Converter FLASH

Converts 2D-objects

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Sophisticated laser images can be projected by working directly with Adobe FLASH files. This auto-digitizing magic is accomplished by Lasershow Converter FLASH, Pangolin's latest conversion program.

Working with lasers within Lasershow Converter FLASH is fast and natural. It typically takes far less than a second to convert a computer graphics frame into laser graphics. Hidden line removal and object occlusion (“masking”) is automatic. An entire laser animation can be quickly stored, and then played back in realtime to check object motion.

Once laser frames are rendered in Lasershow Converter FLASH, they can be saved to LD2000 or ILDA format. For performance playback, LD2000’s “Showtime” program is ideal. It can add more graphics, beams, abstracts, and other events such as DMX lighting cues.


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