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Pangolin LD-2000 upgrade to BEYOND



Software license upgrade LD2000 >> BEYOND

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BEYOND is an all new professional level laser control software from Pangolin, which helps clients make high quality laser light shows in a Better, Faster, and Easier way. BEYOND combines the ease of use of QuickShow, together with the power of their professional level LD2000 product, and also incorporates a variety of new features, that help to address the growing trends emerging in laser entertainment. Namely, allowing operators to control multiple laser projectors in an easy to use way, and giving operators tools that allow them to easily combine laser with other effects, to produce a multimedia show.

When using BEYOND, you can also “mix and match” hardware as you see fit (using both QM2000 and FB3 together) giving you an extra degree of flexibility when setting up your laser shows.

Beyond continues that ease of use. A Beyond system consists of software and hardware for PC computers. The two components work together to get the best possible performance from laser projectors.

  • Beyond software lets you create, edit and present laser graphics and beam effects.
  • Beyond hardware converts software commands into signals to control an ILDA-compatible laser projector.


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