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Fiesta.NET PRO



Fiesta.NET PRO is laser show controller with three independent ILDA outputs, three independent DMX outputs in standard 19-inch 1U rack size.

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What is Fiesta.NET PRO?

 Fiesta.NET PRO is laser show controller with three independent ILDA outputs, three independent DMX outputs in standard 19-inch 1U rack size. Using Fiesta.NET PRO you'll be able to control up to three independent laser system units as well as control more DMX devices than usually required.



Designed for professionals

Fiesta Net Pro is not just another laser show controller, we worked very closely with a highly experienced laser show and laser Installation Company to develop the perfect industrial solution intended for fixed installations in such places as Theaters and fast installations for touring with the least amount of cables. The system has been designed to meet every possible requirement, designed by professionals for use by professionals...



Main benefits of Fiesta.NET PRO

  • 3 independent ILDA outputs (16 bit, 6 color) allows you to create professional laser shows with up to 3 independent laser system units
  • 3 independent DMX outputs (full 512) to control many DMX devices like fog machines, water screens, PAR lights, etc.
  • works completely over Ethernet, so the installation is really easy
  • you can use it wirelessly over Wi-Fi signal - especially when you'll use directional Wi-Fi antennas outside, Fiesta.NET PRO will save you hundreds of cables
  • standard 19-inch 1U rack size makes it perfect for touring - store it in any rack box
  • control display with all important settings
  • works perfectly with Fiesta.NET software


Who should use Fiesta.NET PRO?

 All users, who want to use two or more lasers and need to:

  • use reliable Ethernet laser show solution
  • create original and amazing laser shows
  • save time by laser show setup
  • don't want to spend time learning complicated software



How to use Fiesta.NET PRO?

Usually it takes too much time to setup all the lasers when touring. Connect all the IDLA cables or even DMX is very time-consuming. That's what Fiesta.NET PRO makes easier. Now you'll be able to use only one Ethernet cable from control center to stage and keep all the remaining cables on the stage.



Software support

Fiesta.NET PRO is built on reliable Fiesta.NET platform, which has become very popular during the last year. So you'll profit from all the benefits of Fiesta.NET - easy installation, smooth laser output, easy to use and powerful laser show software Fiesta. It is even possible to control your lasers wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

Fiesta software is very popular thanks to user-friendly user interface. And that was our aim for Fiesta.NET PRO also - to keep it as easy to use as possible. So in a few seconds you'll be able to setup all your lasers and controllers and you're ready to create amazing laser shows!

We've also tried to connect the hardware with the software to provide complete overview for the laser operator. Thanks to Fiesta.NET software you'll be always able to see if your Fiesta.NET PRO is connected and working.


Show created in FIESTA software:


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